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About Us

About Us – Doctor Green Shop  is now the best place to get your  Marijuana. We focus intensively on  Marijuana. Our main aim is to promote and sensitize people about the usefulness of marijuana.  Marijuana is not just a plant, it is a magic plant with a lot potentials, some of which are known and a lot of which is yet to be known. At doctorgreenshop.com now we do a lot of research too about marijuana and what it has to offer to both the sick and  healthy people and nature.

We believe that marijuana has therapeutic qualities that can improve the well being of all – whether it’s used to ease anxiety, uplift your mood, prevent a migraine headache or reduce the seizures brought on by epilepsy.


We hold ourselves to the same standard we would expect ourselves as perfectionists. That means to you, unrelenting determination to give you the best service humanly possible

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