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Putting 100 grams of weed in iced water gives you 10 grams of high-quality hash. It simply requires putting your weed in water, agitating it with an egg beater or cake mixer for 15-20 minutes and then using a filtration system of micron bags.

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Buy Bubble Hash

Buy Bubble Hash is collected in each part of the filtration system as each bag collects a little bit of hash. The quality of the hash will vary on the different bags, but combined make 10 grams of some really decent hash. It’s so easy to make your own hash at home that there’s no reason not to experiment. If you follow the video carefully, you’ll be successful, and you guarantee yourself a very good time.

The secret behind bubble hash is in the method of making it. Using iced water and agitation, you are able to separate the resin from the water and then collect the resin. The trichomes found on buds are oily, and so that means that they simply do not mix with water.


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