Ghost Train Haze

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9 reviews for Ghost Train Haze

  1. Kenny

    Tasty with a nice intense long acting high with a sharp drop off. i will order for more soon thanks

  2. mike

    All Aboard great day time fun strain will get ya moving

  3. mike

    #1 in the Top 10…nothing better……powerful is an understatement. It keeps you up ↑↑↑ longer than any other strain… comes in waves of euphoria and deep thought, which can get you in deep conversations (if you are so inclined). The one noticeable effect is laughter…and lots of it, with a feeling like you are being tickled on the inside. There are great strains out there and then there’s Ghost Train Haze.

  4. warmul

    This one is going to be short…3 bong tokes of Ghost Train Haze. 5 minutes later and I no longer give a merde about anything. All is perfect with the world right now.

  5. Christopher

    GTH is PRIMO! A+ strain! Happy I was lucky enough to get/try this flower!

  6. JordanM

    Knocked me out. lol

  7. conlarazon

    Very good strain! It deserves an A+ in ALL catergories. Definitely wanna get some more soon!

  8. rsgibson

    My wife and i smoke the shatter,we both like the effects it gives order for more soon

  9. William

    I’m an old timer and over the years have tried all the old and lots of the new so simply put, “this is really good weed”!…no matter how long or what you’ve smoked before try it if you find i

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